• Commerce in Hamburg welcomes hydrogen project in Moorburg

    Coal-fired power plant to become mega-electrolyser for green hydrogen - Hamburg plays pioneering role, says Aust
  • Hamburg to become European green hydrogen city

    One of Europe's largest electrolysis plants to be built in Moorburg - Shell, Mitsubishi, Vattenfall and Wärme Hamburg sign letter of intent
  • HY-5 on way to becoming Europe's leading hydrogen region

    Five north German states join forces to establish green hydrogen economic sector by 2035
  • ArcelorMittal to become carbon neutral by 2050

    Svenja Schulze, Germany's Minister for the Environment, and Michael Westhagemann, Hamburg's Senator for Economics, hold conference call with ArcelorMittal Hamburg - hydrogen infrastructure discussed
  • Environment-friendly hydrogen used in Hamburg Metropolitan Region

    Northern Germany to lead market? Hydrogen tops agenda of Future Conference for Industry, Logistics and Ports
  • Hydrogen gives industry an opportunity to partner energy transition

    Environment-friendly hydrogen may hold the key to the energy transition. However, this hinges largely on whether industrially-consumed energy goes green. Hamburg News spoke to Matthias Boxberger, Chairman of the Board of Hansewerk AG and the Hamburg Industry Association (IVH) about the framework...