Impact Hub Hamburg to host "Climathon 2020"

Virtual event in November
21 October 2020
Impact Hub

The Impact Hub Hamburg is gearing up to host a virtual climathon from November 13-14, 2020. Registrations are being accepted until the deadline of November 11, 2020. Up to 700 participants are expected at the event. The hub offers entrepreneurs, who pursue sustainable and social business models, co-working spaces. 

Stronger together in battle against climate change

"Climate change is the greatest challenge to current and future generations. We see 'Climathon Germany' as an opportunity to join forces in Germany and to promote collective action and inventiveness," said Boris Kozlowski, joint founder of Impact Hub Hamburg and Manager of Climathon Germany. Even if co-ordinating seven Impact Hubs is challenging, cohesion and collective action by different people is the only way to tackle the climate crisis together."

Mobility and managing recycling 

The open and active design of the climathon brings all kinds of people together including entrepreneurs, students, creative professionals, experts and committed people to promote existing ideas, which are then further developed in creative teamwork.

Partner organizations including Share Now, Tchibo and Facebook will present "challenges" on topics such as mobility, nutrition, recycling management, shared economy and recycling in the run-up to the event. During the climathon, participants will work with experts and coaches on concrete solutions to these challenges. The aim is to develop promising solutions beyond the climathon into sustainable business models and to help the teams implement them.

Co-working im Impact Hub
© Mathias Jäger
Co-working in Impact Hub

Global Climathon

The climathon is akin to a marathon of ideas and is held annually worldwide on six continents, in over 56 countries and more than 145 cities. It focuses on the main local challenges to climate protection and climate justice and targets those interested in climate protection and social and ecological commitment. The Impact Hub Hamburg is among the organizers of the Global Goals Jam, a worldwide event in which spontaneously assembled teams tackle current problems, and which was last held in September. Other Germany-based hubs can be found in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Essen, Leipzig and Dresden and together with Hamburg form an 800-strong community. The hub has branches in over 100 places across the globe and counts 17,000 members in its global network, the company said. Boris Kozlowski, and Spanish national, Jose Saldana, manage the branch in Hamburg.